The fairest of them all


heey 2K omg!! Muito muito obrigada de verdade eu nunca imaginei chegar tão longe assim. Esse pack é uma forma de agradecer vocês espero que gostem foi feito com muito amor porque vocês merecem. Eu e toda a equipe do twiterps amamos vocês demais! <3

contains the pack

  • hq photos
  • 400 random photos
  • site models photos
  • gifs for your use
  • exclusive psds ( 1 for random headers prev and 1 for icons prev )
  • my favs psds
  • dash icons.

to achieve

  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Follow us (twiterps)
  • Send a ask saying: ”pack 2k”


New Lancôme picture for Glamour Russia


New/old picture of Lily Collins for Glamour Spain 2009

"In the end when you accept yourself for who you are and you work with what you’ve got, you couldn’t be more beautiful because you’re confident and everyone notices. Even if you feel like you look what you’re supposed to look like but you don’t feel it inside, you’re going to have the slumped shoulders and you’re going to be sitting there not smiling. But, when you truly feel like, “Hey, this is the best I can be because this is me,” you smile and you attract people because of the energy you’re giving off. And it’s all about believing in yourself."